What differentiates your Photo Booth Hire from other providers?

Traditional photo booths are small, boxy, and have webcams or point and shoot cameras that produce low-quality prints.
We offer premium templates with great images and layout designs...not the basic template design with plain text with a simple image.
We only use premium quality props, no cheap cardboard signs or props.
We have an online interactive catalog of our templates that you can browse through, choose your design and submit your change requests where we will then design your premium template.
Don't pay for what you don't need. You choose your own add-ons on the booking form to customize your own photo booth package.

 Do you offer photo guest book?

Yes, we wouldn't want you to miss out on capturing a special message from your guests next to a picture of them having fun in the booth.

How many changes are allowed on the custom photo strip?

Unlimited, whatever you can think of we can make it happen with our unique design software. Give us a design brief, copies of your logos, images and we'll send you a draft for your approval and you can make changes until we get it perfect for your event.

Do I get two prints for every session in the photo booth?

Yes, one goes into the photo guestbook and we encourage your guests to leave you a message next to their pics. The other is for your guests to keep so the memories of your event will be with them forever.
Require more copies? Sure, we can print more copies as needed.

Our reception is on the second floor, will the photo booth go upstairs?

Yes, at an extra cost our photo booth can be transported upstairs.

What makes your photo booth so suitable for any event?

Our photo booth fits right into the decor for your memorable day with its design.
Other photo booth designs are of the typical older style photo booths which are poorly made metal frames, half length curtains and can only fit a couple of guests
Photographs are the perfect party favor. Our photo booth can create life long photo memories, provide entertainment and are so much fun. We love doing all events!!

What kind of lighting is used?

Inspired by the fashion industry, our photo booths use a Professional flash.

Does the photo booth have a bench for people to sit down on?

No, it is a stand-up style booth. This allows more people to fit inside and have freedom of movement.

How many people fit in the photo booth?

Because of our booth designs, they allow large groups of people to have their photos taken.

Do you have an attendant at every event?

Yes, all of our photo booth rentals come with an attendant who will take care of everything that you and your guests need to maximize the fun! Our staff is highly experienced customer service professionals, adding a touch of five-star service to your event.

How long does setup and breakdown take?

Setup takes approximately 60 minutes and breakdown about 30 minutes.
Some venues take more time due to parking distance and if your event is upstairs.

How does the guestbook work?

If you have chosen a guest book for your event we will provide the metallic pens and glue tape. Our attendant will place one photo in to the guestbook and then you can write a short congratulations message beside it
The photo booth prints 2 photos, so one print will go into the guest book and the other one given to the guest to take home.

How do we view/download the photos after the event?

All photos from event will be uploaded to our facebook page where they can be downloading for free. An online gallery is also available.

Can you add my logos, images to the photo strips?

Yes, we can. They need to be sent to us in jpg or png format depending on template design.
We always like our customers to give us input on their photo strip design to make it more personalized.