30 Unique Wedding Ideas!

30 Unique Wedding Ideas

Yours won’t be just another cookie-cutter wedding — here are our top ideas to make your wedding a standout celebration.

A Luxe Reception Lounge, Reception Ushers, Guest Transportation, Pre-ceremony Cocktails, Standout Escort Cards, Upgraded Welcome Bags, Thoughtful (and Useful) Favors, A DIY Flower Station, “To-Go” Valet Gifts, Convenient Child Care, A Bubbly Bar, A Memorable Guest Book, A (Friends and) Family Tree Seating Chart, A First-Dance Confetti Drop, A Video Confessional Booth, A Hip After-Party, Allover Lighting, A Decked-Out Entryway, A Showstopping Ceremony Exit ,Unexpected Wedding Music, A Wedding Dress Change, Cocktails Served Differently, Extra Signage, A Photo Booth (Rented or Handmade), A (Really) Creative Groom’s Cake, A (Surprise) Choreographed Dance, Wedding Favors With Entertainment Value, Killer Midnight Snacks, Decked-out Transportation, Social Media Integration.
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