5 Reasons why your wedding needs a Photo Booth!

They’re Great Fun: Our Photo Booth will give you more entertainment value than any other form of entertainment due to the high fun factor and laughter that you will hear coming from the Booth over your wedding night. We’re talking pure, contagious fun. It’s not just for one person but for groups of people who want to take memorable photos.When your guests see our props available even the camera shy guests love to get involved.The fun and laughter we mentioned? It even makes other guests at your wedding reception interested in the photo booth as well.
Not everyone will put their dancing shoes on but pretty much everyone will have a session in our amazing Photo Booth. Age is no barrier, creating memorable and unique photos of all generations. Elders adore their photos with loved ones while the youngsters love to goof around with props. An affordable floor filler, which ensures all guests are left entertained.

The Guest Book: Maybe the main reason for a Photo Booth at your wedding reception is for the guest photo book. Wouldn’t you want to see photos of your guests that had been taken in our Photo Booth for your memories? I guarantee you would say yes. When your wedding event is over and you return from your honeymoon getaway you will be able to sit down and look through your guest book and soak in the photos taken on your wedding night. You will find lovely messages from your family and friends next to their photos which will contribute to a lasting treasured memory of your wedding night for years to come.

Memories: Possibly the number one reason for having a photo booth at your wedding is the memories it creates. Not only do guests create photos for your guest book but they also receive a photo strip of as well to take home.So many people will see these photos into the future and so many people will ask you questions as to where it was taken. Wouldn’t you want to see photos of your guests that had have been taken in our Photo Pod for your memories? I guarantee you would say yes. They really are a wonderful addition to your wedding day.

Guest Interaction:
Sometimes a wedding can be a little awkward with two families coming together and people and relatives you haven’t seen for a long time turning up, but it’s hard not to join in the fun once you hear the waves of laughter from across the room. Everyone wants to know what’s going on and in no time at all, you’re being dragged into the booth to pull silly faces. Nothing brings families together like trying to keep a straight face while next to each other in the photo Booth!
What better way to get guests involved in the party than to throw them in the Photo Booth. You will probably find photo pod pictures with people who don’t even know each other posing together. It’s an excellent ice breaker and way of encouraging guest interaction.

Photo Booth’s are a great time filler!: You and the rest of the wedding party may be having a wonderful time getting pictures done after the ceremony, your guests at the reception venue will be anxiously awaiting your arrival to get the party started.
A Photo Booth gives your family and friends something to do before the official start of the wedding reception and is an excellent activity to prevent pre-reception boredom. It will also help you and your groom relax and not feel as if you need to rush through pictures just to hurry up and get back to your guests.

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